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5 Fresh Ideas for Staying Safe on A Motorcycle

The Law Office of George O. Haskell Dec. 29, 2017

A motorcycle accident can leave you with broken bones, torn skin and no way to support yourself while you heal. To avoid ending up in the hospital, motorcyclists are wise to take a proactive approach to safety.

Here are some suggestions for staying safe out there on a motorcycle that you may not have considered:

  1. Learn to stay in control of your spatial relationship with other drivers. If you allow other drivers to control the space, it can lock you in on a course that can lead to disaster.

  2. Try to stay ahead of other drivers. You don’t want to necessarily speed, but staying in front of other drivers allows you more ability to control that spatial relationship.

  3. If you can’t stay ahead of other drivers, look for a pocket of open space, particularly on highways. Try to occupy them as long as possible. If another vehicle invades the space, look for a new pocket.

  4. Scan the road constantly. You need to have a constant mental assessment of what’s on the road and potentially a danger.

  5. Get out of the way of dangerous drivers. This includes the infamous tailgater, the rage driver, the driver that thinks that it’s okay to occupy the space beside you in the lane and the driver that clearly wants to pass you. If you can’t get firmly ahead, know when to back off, slow down and let the other guy past.

If you are in a motorcycle accident despite your best efforts, seek the medical attention you need immediately. When you are able, consider getting some legal advice about your situation so that you can proceed in a way that benefits you the most.