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When Georgia car accidents cause passenger injuries

News accounts of serious multi-car accidents in Macon, Georgia, and surrounding areas usually center their reports on the car drivers and their injuries.  Passengers in these accidents can also receive significant injuries. Too often, they are not the focus of attention and may not realize they have the same rights as drivers.

Passengers, just like drivers, can receive compensation to offset their financial losses by recovering damages from the person(s) who caused the accident. An injured passenger can suffer the loss of employment, incur large medical bills, endure rehabilitation or require months of specialized care.

How common is substance abuse among truckers?

Today's commercial truck drivers face long hours, often logging as many as 70 hours over an eight-day stretch. The difficult, solitary nature of the profession is leading some to turn to alcohol or drugs. Sometimes, semitruck drivers abuse substances simply because they are bored and tired of spending so much time alone, while in other instances, they do so in an attempt to stay awake longer and get more miles under their belts.

Regardless of their reasoning for using alcohol or drugs, the American Addiction Centers report that abuse of both can have catastrophic effects. Given how pronounced the dangers of drinking and driving, or using drugs and driving, are for the average motorist, you can imagine that they typically magnify when the people abusing drugs and alcohol are also sitting at the controls of massive semitrucks. So, just how pervasive is the substance-abusing trucker problem?

Car accidents: Protecting young passengers from injury

When driving your children to school, extracurricular activities and anywhere else in the Macon area, it is essential for you and all other drivers to stay attentive to the roads and vehicles around you. Many people take their vehicles for granted and assume their kids are going to be safe when car accidents occur.

Unfortunately, the sad reality is kids and babies are extremely vulnerable in motor vehicle collisions. Car accidents are not easy to prevent, and the injuries children sustain often carry long-term consequences. Here are some pointers to keep in mind about child safety and motor vehicles.

Would ban of talking on handheld phones be enough to protect GA drivers?

A Georgia lawmaker has proposed banning all drivers from talking on handheld phones, but this may not address the larger issue of cognitive distraction.

In recent years, distracted driving has become a serious public safety threat. Distraction.gov reports that distraction-related crashes resulted in about 421,000 injuries and 3,328 fatalities in 2012 alone. Cellphones are a common cause of driver distraction, as many people in Macon know. For this reason, texting while driving is illegal in Georgia, and novice and bus drivers cannot use handheld phones. Still, state law does not address handheld phone use among other drivers.

Research: Mistakes by other drivers often cause GA motorcycle accidents

Many motorcyclists in Macon, Georgia, understand that riding carries a significant risk of accidents and serious injuries. At the same time, though, many riders believe their own experience and vigilance will be enough to help them avoid motorcycle accidents. Unfortunately, several recent studies have indicated that it is common for other drivers to be at fault in motorcycle accidents.

Georgia child hit by car, illustrates school season dangers

Most drivers throughout Georgia have adjusted to seeing children walking to and from school by now. However, with the weather rapidly beginning to change, your children may be more at risk of pedestrian accidents in the winter months than they were when school began in September.

An accident that occurred on September 6 in Clayton County shows how suddenly and unexpectedly a child can be hit by a car. WSBTV News reported that a 13-year-old girl was walking in the afternoon when a vehicle struck her, resulting in critical injuries. It was unknown whether she was walking home from school, but as you are aware, the time of the accident would coincide with many children's after-school schedules.

Are you a safe motorcyclist?

It's estimated that motorcyclists have fatality rates that are 28 times that of other motorists when factoring in the miles driven. It's a given that riding a two-wheeled cycle exposes riders to greater risks than other, more substantial forms of transportation.

Some risks are out of the control of motorcyclists. Distracted motorists treat driving as a secondary task while they east, slurp drinks, apply makeup or tussle with the kids riding in the back seat.

What are the rules surrounding 'logo liability' in wrecks?

Large semitrucks emblazoned with company logos are like ubiquitous, rolling billboards on the highways. But these advertisements on wheels also serve a legal purpose and can affect the terms of any settlement for damages stemming from an accident with the at-fault truckers.

Here's how logo liability could impact you or a loved one following a collision.

What if you already had an injury before your car accident?

Pursuing an insurance claim after a motor vehicle accident seems as if it should be straightforward. You seek medical care following the incident to prove that the crash caused your bodily injuries. The insurance company then compensates you for medical bills, follow-up care and any long-term changes to your health and lifestyle.

Of course, that is a lot for the insurance provider to pay for every time a client gets into an accident, so insurers will do whatever they can do get out of paying the full amount. One of these ways is to examine your medical records to disprove that the accident resulted in the injury, or at least to the severity you claim.

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