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Macon Motor Vehicle Accident Law Blog

Driving while drowsy can be fatal

Macon area motorists are probably no stranger to operating their vehicle while sleepy. Often, individuals have a busy schedule and get six to seven hours of sleep at night, and sometimes they are not as alert as they should be while driving.

Driving while drowsy is dangerous, though, and could cause motor vehicle accidents that injure or kill the driver, passengers, pedestrians or other motorists.

Commercial truckers and distracted driving: What you need to know

It's tempting to reach for your smartphone or a hamburger after several hours on the highway when you're a truck driver. The endless hours of driving can feel relentless and boring.

However, truckers need to follow the rules and refrain from using their smartphone and other handheld electronic devices. In fact, they should probably refrain from eating that hamburger if they want to avoid getting into trouble or causing a fatal accident.

Am I covered in an accident if I’m a passenger?

There is a large focus on auto insurance and the protections in place for the operators of a vehicle along with any damage to property that might occur. But what is discussed less frequently is whether there is coverage in place for passengers in the vehicle when an accident occurs. What happens when they incur medical expenses through no fault of their own?

Usually, coverage for passengers is related to fault. All drivers are required by law to carry third-party insurance that covers damage to any other person that was not directly involved in the accident, In situations where passengers are not to blame and a driver is liable for the damage, the coverage may be limited. Driver do have the option to take out additional insurance to ensure that all passengers are covered no matter who is at fault.

How do I prove I lost wages because of a car accident?

For many victims of car accidents, the physical stress of recovering from an injury gets compounded by the income the victim loses while healing and rehabilitating. In many instances, lost wages are among the most difficult claims to pursue, and face significant pushback from an insurer reviewing an injury claim.

If you recently suffered an injury and lost wages because of a car accident, it is very important that you fully understand how to calculate your lost wages and demonstrate those losses to an insurer or other liable party. if you do not clearly explain your lost wages in detail, with proper documentation, it is far too easy for the party reviewing your claim to object to paying it. The other party may successfully claim that you are, in fact, the one taking advantage of the situation.

Should you see a doctor after a minor auto accident?

The number of fatalities from Georgia car accidents has increased in recent years. In 2015, 1,430 fatalities took place on Georgia roadways, according to data compiled by Georgia Governor's Office of Highway Safety. In 2014, that number was only 1,164. 

Most accidents that take place in the state are relatively minor and result in minimal injuries. However, it is still paramount for you to see a doctor after any auto collision, even if you do not think it was that severe. It is always preferable to play it safe than sorry. 

More safety systems in cars could save bikers' lives

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), each year 8,000 two-vehicle collisions with motorcycles could be mitigated or prevented if passenger vehicles were equipped with certain safety systems, including lane maintenance, blind spot detection and front crash prevention.

These systems can be designed and installed to help detect motorcycles, the IIHS study estimates. That could save lives.

Study reveals the main causes of truck accidents

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) and the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) worked together on a combined study of semitruck accident causes. According to their report, two of the biggest reasons these wrecks happen is that drivers are overworked and fatigued.

The study found that, as is the case with most car accidents, driver error led to more wrecks than anything else. Issues with drivers were cited in a full 87 percent of the events that were studied, involving about 68,000 trucks.

Teen driver facing vehicular homicide charges

A teen driver who was involved in a fatal accident has been indicted and he is facing vehicular homicide charges.

The accident happened on June 19, 2017, when the young man was driving a Dodge Ram 1500 pickup truck. The truck left the pavement and rolled, crashing down an embankment. In the process, it slammed into a tree.

What constitutes good crash evidence?

In some car accidents, you are in no position to gather evidence. If you are trapped in your car - no way. If you are bleeding profusely - no way. If the only person around is the other driver, and he is scary - no way.

Your safety takes precedence over doing on-the-scene detective work. But - if you are able to, you will strengthen your case for compensation if you or a passenger or a good Samaritan who witnessed the accident collects evidence for you.

Talking to passengers while driving is distracting

Everyone by now knows, or should realize, that distracted driving presents real hazards on our highways. But when most people consider what constitutes a distraction, few mention conversing with others inside of the vehicle.

But research conducted at the University of Iowa that was published on the web in Psychonomic Bulletin and Review, an academic journal, determined drivers who were either involved in cellphone conversations or chatting with passengers took longer to see and respond to new objects that appeared in their fields of vision.

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