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Government Vehicle Accidents Attorney in Macon, Georgia

Was the Government a Liable Party in Your Auto Accident?

Government employees and contractors are often responsible for car accidents that injure other people. While governmental liability is a basis for recovery if an immunity to being sued is waived, quick action may need to be taken to make certain no deadlines are missed and the lawsuit can go forward. And just as it happens in all other personal injury cases, proof must be shown that the government worker was at fault.

Attorney George O. Haskell in Macon, Georgia, has successfully represented injured parties in claims against municipalities and other governmental entities. He is a skilled personal injury lawyer who knows how to prepare a case for trial. Also, he understands the approach that needs to be taken when suing the government in motor vehicle injury claims.

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When Can The Government Be Sued?

Governments are often protected from being sued due to certain tort immunities. George Haskell understands the complex issues involved when trying to bring a personal injury lawsuit against the government. His knowledge and skill in this area can provide you the opportunity to successfully bring such a lawsuit. When listening to you during the initial consultation, he can provide guidance on what to expect and give you a realistic assessment of your chances of prevailing. He understands the kind of proof required in demonstrating liability, and he knows how to argue the facts in a court of law.

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