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Standing Up for Your Rights With Insurance Companies After an Accident

An important and little-understood aspect of handling personal injury claims involves insurance coverage. Recoveries in injury cases often hinge on the willingness of the insurance company to make a fair settlement offer. Until there is a settlement agreement, the insurance company for the at-fault driver will typically not agree to pay for anything. To compound this problem, the insurance company will likely refuse to consider paying for treatment that has not yet occurred absent strict proof that it will be necessary.

Unfortunately, medical treatment for even relatively minor injuries can be extremely expensive. The at-fault party and their insurance carrier may deny the claim or refuse to pay fair value for the damages caused. Furthermore, the person responsible for causing an accident may not have the resources or insurance to cover the medical expense incurred by the victim. Likewise, the injured party may not have the financial resources to pay for treatment while the case is pending, thus further delaying proper medical care and hindering his or her ability to prove the extent of the injury suffered. Without health insurance coverage, medical bills may pile up and treatment may be delayed.

The Law Office of George O. Haskell, IV, in Macon, Georgia, routinely assists uninsured clients with securing proper medical care for their injuries. As an experienced personal injury attorney, George Haskell understands precisely the costs that individuals face when injured. He has a keen understanding of the way insurance policies are drafted and how insurance companies operate.

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Lawyer Providing Guidance Regarding Insurance Claims Issues

Insurance companies and adjusters often take the position that an injury is minor unless it is proven otherwise. Strict claim approval processes, an incorrect assumption that the injury is minor as well as red tape preventing the claim from moving forward can lead to unfair settlement offers and denials. Insurance companies routinely argue that claimants are not injured in an accident or that their claims are out of proportion with the collision.

George Haskell will advise you about every step you must take to make certain the insurance company provides adequate coverage for your injury. He will let you know what to expect and the time it may take to have a claim processed. His efforts on your behalf can lead to the expediting of these claims and to a settlement that will cover all of your short- and long-term needs.

Aggravation of Injury versus A Pre-Existing Condition

Insurance companies routinely argue that their driver didn’t cause a particular injury, even when the claimant’s own doctor related the injury to the accident. A common defense is to argue that the claimant must have had a pre-existing condition. As individuals age, their spines are likely to develop some degenerative changes, which is normal. These changes are often not painful or symptomatic. However, after an accident, insurance carriers will routinely argue that the claimant is hurting because of these degenerative changes and will attempt to shift blame away from the accident or trauma. Rather than admit that the pain is the direct result of the accident, insurance companies may label the injury as a pre-existing condition and deny compensation.

Let George Haskell fight the insurance company on your behalf and make certain that you receive all of the compensation you deserve. You can contact his Macon, Georgia, office by calling us. There will be no fee unless he recovers compensation for you.