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Burn Injuries Attorney in Macon, Georgia

Helping Burn Injury Victims Recover and Heal

While there have been advances in medical treatment in recent years, burn injuries are still among the most traumatic of all injuries. These injuries are extremely painful, and the scarring that is caused can be permanent. Burn injuries can also be emotionally and psychologically devastating.

As with all catastrophic injuries, treatment for burn injuries can be extremely expensive. Most individuals who suffer third-degree burns in explosions and fire accidents cannot afford the sort of treatment that is required.

George Haskell is an attorney who looks out for your every need. Clients compliment him on his ability to make complex legal concepts understandable for them. As someone who has long dealt with insurance-related issues while bringing lawsuits against negligent parties, he knows how to handle every angle.

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Making Certain that Any Compensation Is Adequate

Georgia law allows individuals to recover compensation for medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and loss of enjoyment of life. As a lawyer, George Haskell will fight to make certain you are fully compensated for every one of these items.

While every dollar will help the burn injury victim receive the medical care he or she deserves, it’s also important to make certain that no lump-sum settlement will be offset by other expenses. Liens may be placed on the settlement or a settlement amount, which may potentially reduce the recovery of the injured person. Receipt of settlement funds may also disqualify the individual from receiving needs-based government benefits. George Haskell will therefore make certain that this is all taken into account when negotiating the best possible settlement for his clients.

Anyone suffering burn injuries through no fault of his or her own deserves all the help that he or she can get. George Haskell knows how to handle complex personal injury matters and educates judges and juries about the lasting impact of such injuries.

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To arrange a free initial consultation with George Haskell at his Macon office, please call or message our team when you're ready to discuss your case. There will be no fee for any personal injury matter he handles unless he wins you a fair settlement.