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Slip-and-Fall Attorney in Macon, Georgia

Were You Injured in a Slip, Trip, or Fall?

George O. Haskell‘s success in helping injured individuals recover compensation is due to the fact that he works extremely hard on every case. He is selective about the number of cases he handles in order to provide more attention to each matter.

Macon Lawyer Helping His Clients Understand the Law

Recovering compensation for a slip-and-fall accident or trip injury is not always easy. Prompt investigation is almost always required. Evidence often disappears quickly in these sorts of matters because landlords may try to repair a dangerous situation before any opportunity is given to examine the property. This can make it difficult to establish fault for which the property owner or its insurance company can be held culpable.

George Haskell will take the time to advise his clients on what they can expect when bringing a premises liability claim involving a slip-, trip-and-fall accident. He is a highly respected attorney due to the amount of interaction he has with each client and the amount of instruction and information he provides to them. It is his goal to make certain that every one of his clients knows the law. He does not oversimplify the answers that he provides to his clients, but he does make complex legal concepts understandable to them.

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Helping the Seriously Injured

Slip-, trip-and-fall accidents often lead to concussions, joint injuries, or serious injuries to the spine. Many of these accidents could have been avoided had commonsense precautions and repairs to property taken place. Many of these injuries involve elderly people who are never able to recover from what happened. Even for a younger person, a broken hip or other fracture could lead to lasting pain.

George Haskell understands how these matters should be tried in Georgia courts. To contact him to discuss your personal situation, please contact his office by phone or email. There will be no fee without a recovery for you.