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Brain Injuries Attorney in Macon, Georgia

Adjusting to Life After a Traumatic Brain Accident

Brain injuries remain the most unpredictable trauma from which any of us can suffer. Even with current imaging techniques, diagnosing traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussions or other head injuries due to accidents is extremely difficult. The consequences of such a TBI can also vary from individual to individual. A victim may have to undergo a large number of medical tests to demonstrate whether the brain injury is permanent or eventually can be resolved.

Locating Insurance Coverage to Cover All Costs

The primary challenge for attorneys handling brain injury cases is locating the kind of insurance coverage that will take care of that person’s short- and long-term needs. Medical expenses can add up to hundreds of thousands of dollars, and the services the injured person needs could involve care regarding every aspect of his or her life.

George O. Haskell is a Macon, Georgia, lawyer who has long negotiated claims with insurance companies to make certain any coverage or settlement covers all costs. In his mind, no settlement is adequate that will not cover all future bills. He, therefore, works extremely hard on your matter to make certain acceptance of any compensation is worthwhile to you.

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Understanding the Nuances of Every Brain Injury Case

Receiving a sizeable settlement in a brain injury case may not be enough. Since victims of brain injuries are unable to earn the kind of income that they did before the accident took place, these individuals may be saddled with debt. Others that owe money may place a lien on any settlement made. Also, care needs to be taken as to how the settlement is handled because government benefits such as Supplemental Security Income or Medicaid may be lost. Special needs trusts can potentially be utilized to prevent the loss of such vital benefits in catastrophic cases.

George Haskell approaches these matters as a lawyer from every angle and makes certain that no revenue source is needlessly lost. He will counsel his clients on money matters and what to expect if a specific amount of money is accepted. It is his goal to educate you on every aspect of your case. He will also work with you in helping locate the types of resources that will make recovery from a brain injury easier.

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