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A Look at Common Car Accident Injuries

The Law Office of George O. Haskell Oct. 10, 2017

All car accidents have the potential to cause injuries. This is so for head-on collisions and for minor fender benders alike. However, when people are involved in a serious accident, the potential for suffering severe injuries typically increases.

In Georgia, thousands of residents suffer injuries each year in preventable car accidents. Many of these accidents occur because of reckless driving and outright negligence. If victims choose not to take action against this negligence, they typically have to pay at least a portion of costly medical treatment out of their own pockets.

Common injuries like the ones discussed below have the potential to devastate a car accident victim’s finances. Consulting with an attorney about a personal injury claim is one way victims can seek compensation for their medical expenses.

Neck injuries: The sudden movement the neck undergoes in an accident can lead to injuries in this area. Examples include whiplash, general pain and swelling and even temporary vocal cord paralysis.

Chest injuries: The blunt force trauma associated with car accidents can cause several kinds of chest injuries. Common examples include collapsed lungs, broken ribs and even cardiac arrest in victims with heart problems.

Back injuries: The trauma of a car accident can cause serious damage to the spine and the spinal cord. The consequences of these injuries include loss of sensation, herniated discs and paralysis.

Head injuries: Common in high-speed collisions, head injuries can be debilitating. The consequences of head and traumatic brain injuries include skull fractures, long-term cognitive issues, coma, and hearing or vision loss.

Other injuries: These can include broken bones, mild concussions, ligament damage, internal injuries and severed limbs. Further, emotional distress and psychological issues can also arise after experiencing a car accident.