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Ambulance Crew Watches Deadly Accident

The Law Office of George O. Haskell April 1, 2018

It did not take an ambulance crew in Georgia much time at all to respond to a deadly accident. They were driving right behind a pickup truck as it slammed directly into a passenger car. They actually saw the whole thing.

The accident happened right around 6 a.m., and reports indicate that the truck left its lane and crossed the center line. A Dodge Charger was coming the opposite direction, in the proper lane, and took the direct impact.

The crash knocked both cars entirely off the road, onto the shoulder. Parts from the vehicles involved in the crash were scattered across the road, including an entire wheel from the truck.

The truck driver, who is 46 years old, lived through the crash. He was injured, and crews took him to the Medical Center, Navicent Health. The authorities do want to speak to him to find out what happened in the accident.

The woman driving the Charger, who was also 46 years old, passed away at the accident scene. Even with an ambulance close at hand, her injuries were so extensive that she could not be saved.

Motor vehicle accidents often result in catastrophic injuries or otherwise preventable deaths. Even when an ambulance is on the scene when a crash occurs, the injuries caused by a collision at high speeds can result in lasting disability or even in death, as in this tragic case.

After a deadly car accident, it’s important for surviving family members to know what rights they may have to compensation for funeral costs, medical bills and lost wages.