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Are You a Safe Motorcyclist?

The Law Office of George O. Haskell Aug. 17, 2018

It’s estimated that motorcyclists have fatality rates that are 28 times that of other motorists when factoring in the miles driven. It’s a given that riding a two-wheeled cycle exposes riders to greater risks than other, more substantial forms of transportation.

Some risks are out of the control of motorcyclists. Distracted motorists treat driving as a secondary task while they east, slurp drinks, apply makeup or tussle with the kids riding in the back seat.

However, it’s possible to minimize some of those inherent risks. Read on to learn how.

Remain highly visible

If drivers can’t see you, they can’t avoid hitting you. Black leather riding gear might make you look like the coolest person at the biker rally, but on a rain-slicked road after dark, it can make you practically invisible.

If you don’t want to trade in your leathers for neon gear, that’s okay. However, consider donning a fluorescent vest over your leather jacket when riding, especially after dark.

Keep an eye out for road debris

This applies to all motorists, but if you are on your motorcycle and a two-foot strip of rubber comes off a semitruck tire and goes airborne, you’re in far greater peril than the family riding in the SUV.

Give other motorists plenty of room

Large, heavy vehicles can’t stop on a dime. If you are riding close to other drivers and an emergency arises, it could become a life or death matter in a few seconds. Be smart and leave plenty of room between you and others on the road.

Protect your rights

After an accident with an at-fault motorist, you have the right to seek compensation for your injuries and damages. Make sure that you file a timely personal injury claim to help you recover financially.