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Are You a Savvy Motorcycle Passenger?

The Law Office of George O. Haskell June 8, 2018

Georgia summers are perfect for taking motorcycle rides. You may get an invitation to ride along as a passenger on a rider’s bike.

To make sure that you get a second invitation, keep the following tips in mind:

Wear the right clothing

You don’t have to run to the Harley shop and spend thousands on a full set of leathers, but use common sense when dressing. A heavy pair of denim jeans can protect your skin from road rash a lot better than thin fabric will. Wear a shirt that covers your arms and a denim jacket or something similar. Cover your feet with boots that come up over the ankles.

The rider will undoubtedly have a second helmet for you to wear. Make sure that you wear it correctly and that it is a good fit.

Learn how to mount and dismount

The rider should ensure that both footpegs are in the down position before you attempt to mount the bike. Be especially careful to swing your leg well over the hot exhaust pipe. The heat from the red-hot pipe will burn right through your jeans to the skin of your leg.

Mount and dismount from the left side of the bike once the rider tells you to climb on or off.

Hold the rider loosely around the hips

You want to make sure that you never grip the rider’s shoulders, as this can affect the steering of the bike. Sit still and keep your weight centered.

Learn how to turn

Like airplanes, motorcycles turn by banking. Lean into turns with the rider. You can anticipate the way he will turn by looking over his shoulders. Follow his lead.

Stay sober

An intoxicated motorcycle passenger is a danger to him or herself, the rider and anyone else on the road. Never drink when riding or ride with someone who has been drinking.

Remember that motorcycles can be hazardous. If you get injured while riding a motorcycle, you may need to file a claim against the driver who caused your accident.