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Car Accident Injuries Are Not Always Cut-And-Dried

The Law Office of George O. Haskell Dec. 1, 2017

If you have been in a car accident, you may experience catastrophic injuries at the onset. In cases like these, injuries are obvious, and hopefully, someone’s insurance is going to cover the medical expenses and damages. But what if you are like a good percentage of accident victims who experience injuries that are virtually invisible at the time of the incident?

When an accident has just occurred, most people are stressed out, their minds are racing and adrenaline levels go through the roof. The best you can do when the traffic official asks you if you are hurt, is respond with “I don’t think so.” You may not have symptoms from an injury until days later. Now what?

Contact your insurance company immediately and notify them of your symptoms. Let them know you are going to seek treatment. Then, go to a doctor or hospital — even if it appears that it is not that serious.

Many musculoskeletal injuries worsen after the initial onset. Head injuries may start out with slight dizziness or a feeling of faintness. The full-blown injury may not be known until sometime later. If you do not record evidence of your symptoms now, it may be difficult to prove later that they originated from the accident.

What if you do not have money to go to a doctor? Many people use a hospital emergency room for treatment when they do not have insurance because they have no other choice. However, the treatment received will be minimal. Your best bet is to contact a personal injury attorney who can deal directly with the auto insurance company and ensure you receive the proper medical tests and treatment, such as x-rays, MRIs, etc.

Remember that insurance agents have the best interests of their company in mind. Therefore, their goal is to limit expenses. They may deny that you have a legitimate claim or injury, and may not want to pay for treatment of unknown symptoms. Your attorney will put your best interests first, as he or she can negotiate with the insurance company to ensure you get the proper treatment.

If you are experiencing an injury from an auto accident, we can make sure your insurance company is providing the maximum benefits allowed. Don’t wait. Call us now