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Does Your New Car Have a ‘Secret Warranty?’

The Law Office of George O. Haskell June 30, 2018

So, you finally bought that new car you’d been saving for and dreaming of. But before the “new-car smell” is even gone, you discovered that your vehicle has a fairly serious safety hazard due to a defective auto part.

Learning a car is not mechanically sound is frustrating, especially if you lose the use of your vehicle and/or have to shell out cash to fix the problem.

However, you may have a so-called “secret warranty” available to you. This is sometimes the case when auto manufacturers discover design defects on their already-sold vehicles. Manufacturers can then send notifications to the dealerships stating that repairs will be made at no cost to the vehicle owners.

Less-than-honest dealerships might not let their customers know about these problems and remedies, however. That can lead to a lot of problems if the vehicle owners encounter dangers related to the manufacturing defects.

What can you do in such situations?

Squeaky wheels definitely get the grease, so if you learn or suspect that there is a defective part on your newly-purchased car or truck, let the dealership know. If you don’t get satisfaction at that level, you may need to communicate directly with the manufacturer.

If that, too, fails to correct the flaw, defect or problem, you may need to pursue a legal claim against the dealership and/or the manufacturer of your vehicle.

Remember, too, that some design defects can have lethal consequences for motorists and their passengers, as well as for those whom they encounter on the highway. Preserve your rights and remain safe by making sure all flaws are corrected on your new car or truck