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Driving While Drowsy Can Be Fatal

The Law Office of George O. Haskell March 1, 2018

Macon area motorists are probably no stranger to operating their vehicle while sleepy. Often, individuals have a busy schedule and get six to seven hours of sleep at night, and sometimes they are not as alert as they should be while driving.

Driving while drowsy is dangerous, though, and could cause motor vehicle accidents that injure or kill the driver, passengers, pedestrians or other motorists.

Drowsy driving facts 

Motorists who drive while sleepy lack the focus that driving requires, and their attention is not on their driving behaviors, the roads and the vehicles around them. Their ability to react decreases and the likelihood of accidents increases. Some drivers who are too sleepy to drive end up swerving, wandering in their lanes and doing other actions that make them look like drunk motorists. In fact, someone who has not slept for 17 hours or so is functioning at the same level as a person with a BAC of 0.05 percent. Drowsy drivers cause about 10 percent of all auto accidents.

Ways to avoid drowsy driving

It is not always easy to stay awake and fully alert while driving. A driver who feels drowsy or notices his or her thoughts wandering should pull over to somewhere safe and park the vehicle. If necessary, it is a good idea for drivers to take a quick nap or grab something to eat to wake the brain and body up. Carpooling with coworkers and friends may help, or perhaps a commuter can have another driver split the driving duties or use public and rideshare transportation.

If someone does not get enough rest at night and must use his or her vehicle, it is a good idea to leave early and schedule a few breaks in the commute to improve alertness. Victims of a drowsy driving accident may want to speak with an attorney to learn options.