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Ford Announces New Recall

The Law Office of George O. Haskell July 20, 2018

It seems like there is always an auto recall being announced by the media, and just recently, the automaker giant Ford announced its latest.

Approximately 550,000 SUVs and cars sold in North America have been recalled due to a problem involving their gearshifts.

The latest problem for the automobile manufacturer involves a bushing attaching the shifter cables to the vehicles’ transmissions. These bushings apparently have a tendency to disengage and fall off. When this occurs, motorists who have shifted into park have discovered their vehicles remain in other gears, e.g., reverse or drive. The SUVs and cars may continue to roll forward or back, potentially injuring drivers, pedestrians and others in their way.

This latest recall involves some Fusion sedans manufactured and sold between 2013 and 2016, as well as some of the automaker’s Escape small SUVs from the years 2013 and 2014.

When they announced this latest recall, Ford stated that it was unaware of any injuries or collisions that were attributable to these defective automobile parts. Until the problem can be corrected on each individual vehicle, Ford advises drivers to use their parking brakes.

Dealerships are replacing the defective shifter bushings at no cost to the vehicle owners. Those who purchased and own the affected vehicles should be notified by July 30. Later in the quarter, parts should be made available through the dealerships.

American drivers expect that their vehicles meet or exceed rigorous safety standards. When that doesn’t occur, consumers have the right to hold the auto manufacturers responsible for fixing the problems and addressing any injuries or damages that may stem from the use of these defective parts.