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Georgia Teen Killed in Tragic Single-Car Accident

The Law Office of George O. Haskell April 7, 2018

A Georgia high school senior, aged 18, died in a one-car accident during a trip that was supposed to celebrate the start of her adult life. Seniors at the local high school were participating in the annual “senior skip day,” which is a tradition in many parts of the country.

Seniors about to graduate skip school with their friends to mark the end of their childhood and the beginning of adulthood just prior to graduation. It’s supposed to be an irresponsible, but otherwise harmless, bit of fun.

Unfortunately, the car she was a passenger in took a curve at too fast a speed and went out of control. It flew into the air, flipped several times and eventually crashed against a tree. The car was so badly demolished that rescue crews had to cut it open to remove her body. The driver, who was seriously injured herself, was taken to a nearby hospital.

One-car accidents usually end up being investigated closely to see if the driver was at fault or some other factor lead to the collision. In this case, it seems like the driver was probably going far too fast for the road.

In other cases, however, single car accidents can be attributed to:

  • another driver’s reckless actions that force the car off the road

  • poorly-designed roads and bridges

  • poorly-maintained roads

  • mechanical failure somewhere on the vehicle

  • mechanical failure of the tires

Regardless of the reason, the family of the deceased likely has the ability to sue the negligent party for the victim’s wrongful death. It remains to be seen what the family of this young victim will do in the future. The odds are good that the teenage driver’s insurance will have to pay.

Situations like this are sad reminders that car accidents can happen in a flash to anyone, no matter what their age or prospects in life. All it takes is one careless moment to result in tragedy.