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Help with Identifying Causation in Defective Auto Part Claims

The Law Office of George O. Haskell Oct. 12, 2017

Anything that can be constructed can contain defects. Sometimes defects are easy to spot and to correct, but other times defects are not recognized until after they cause an injury. Defective auto parts can be especially dangerous as they may fail when vehicles are moving at fast speeds resulting in a serious motor vehicle accident.

Identifying and proving causation is important in any personal injury claim. In cases where defective auto parts are a factor, it can prove extra challenging. However, there is one bonus for plaintiffs in these cases. Carelessness on the part of the manufacturer need not play a role in strict liability. For plaintiffs, this means they do not have to prove that the manufacturer operated in a careless manner as long as the following three conditions exist.

  • The vehicle or one of its components had an unreasonably dangerous flaw.

  • The defect caused an injury while the motor vehicle was being used properly.

  • The motor vehicle had not been significantly altered from its original condition.

We know how confusing the elements of a defective auto parts claim can be to the nonprofessional. This is why we typically advise plaintiffs to seek legal assistance when pursuing such a claim. It is also wise to remember that manufacturers as well as auto dealers want to protect their own interests in a defective parts claim. As such, you will benefit from a lawyer’s guidance in responding to any defenses the involved parties may pursue.

Causation can be the hinge point in a successful injury claim based on product defects. Assistance in proving who or what caused a plaintiff’s injuries is one of the many benefits an attorney brings to a personal injury claim. We urge you to learn more about defective auto parts before you file a claim. Our Georgia-based personal injury website is a great place to begin.