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How Can I Help Ensure that My Charter Bus Trip Will Be Safe?

The Law Office of George O. Haskell Oct. 19, 2017

For many Georgia residents, it can be difficult to put their safety and well-being into the hands of a stranger. However, that is precisely what happens each time you board a charter bus. If the company is disreputable or the driver untrained, your risk of experiencing a commercial vehicle accident increases.

You may feel that the situation is out of your hands, but there are several ways to address safety issues when traveling on a charter bus. While commercial vehicle accidents involving a bus are rare, it is still a good idea to do everything you can to enhance your safety. The tips below can help.

Ask the company for the identification number issued to it by the U.S. Department of Transportation. If the company does not have this number, you should probably make alternate arrangements.

Check to see if the driver of the bus has a valid commercial license and has recently received a clean bill of health. You should also make sure that he or she undergoes routine alcohol and drug screening.

Look into the charter company and the bus driver’s safety record. Red flags include a less than satisfactory safety rating and a higher than national average rate of regulatory violations.

All commercial buses must undergo a safety inspection at least once each year. Ask to see the most recent inspection report for your charter bus.

Your safety is what matters most. Making sure the charter company you choose has performed the proper due diligence can increase your safety. If you have already suffered injury in a commercial vehicle accident, please consider speaking with an attorney about your legal options.