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Sometimes Cars Themselves Cause Accidents

The Law Office of George O. Haskell April 3, 2018

Most car accidents are caused by drivers. Studies have shown that human error factors into at least 90 percent of the daily accident totals from around the United States. This is one of the arguments for the implementation of self-driving cars. The statistics show that, no matter what they may believe about their abilities, many people are not very good drivers.

However, it is important to note that cars themselves can cause accidents, especially when defects are involved. A dangerous defect could drag a perfectly safe driver into a serious wreck.

Some examples of common areas where defects are found include the following:

  • The braking system, including the brakes themselves

  • The frame and body of the car

  • The car’s electrical system

  • The vehicle’s engine assembly

  • The fuel system

  • The passenger compartment or cab of the vehicle

  • The car’s lubrication system

  • The suspension

  • The car’s steering wheel or the steering system as a whole

  • The drivetrain, including the vehicle’s transmission

For instance, if a vehicle’s brakes go out without warning, a driver in the mountains or even on a shallow hill could find himself or herself completely out of control, unable to stop at the red light at the bottom. While running a red light can certainly cause an accident and is normally the driver’s fault — perhaps due to distraction — a case like this illustrates how the car could cause the crash.

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