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Was that Sidewall Blowout Due to A Tire Defect?

The Law Office of George O. Haskell Jan. 6, 2018

A sidewall blowout can be very dangerous, especially at interstate speeds, sending your car out of control. It could cause an accident, leaving you and others with serious injuries.

Many people assume the blowout happened because the tire was old or because it wasn’t properly inflated. While either of those things could be the case, there is also a chance that you had a defective tire to begin with.

Some defects and manufacturing errors that can cause tire blowouts include:

  • Not giving the tire a proper speed rating.

  • Not testing the tire enough before it is released to the public.

  • Making a tire that can’t handle the weight of a fully-loaded vehicle.

  • Not manufacturing the tire with the proper balance of compounds.

  • Allowing moisture and air into the tire while it is being made, leading to weak tire walls.

  • Not properly connecting the tread and the ply. Broken connections can cause the tire to bugle, putting strain on it that leads to a blowout.

  • Creating a tire that overheats when used. This can make the tread blister and whole sections of it can come loose.

  • Using skim stock that is out-dated.

  • Allowing dirt to get into the rubber compound.

  • Using low-caliber solvents.

  • Not carrying out a proper final inspection. Many defects should be caught long before tires get to consumers.

  • Not using nylon overlays.

  • A poor design that is defective the entire time. Even when manufacturing is successful, design defects leave dangers intact.

Any one of these many issues could lead to serious defects, blowouts and car accidents. Those who get hurt must know all of the legal options they have.