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What Are the Rules Surrounding ‘logo Liability’ in Wrecks?

The Law Office of George O. Haskell Aug. 3, 2018

Large semitrucks emblazoned with company logos are like ubiquitous, rolling billboards on the highways. But these advertisements on wheels also serve a legal purpose and can affect the terms of any settlement for damages stemming from an accident with the at-fault truckers.

Here’s how logo liability could impact you or a loved one following a collision.

There are many reasons why companies choose to lease semitrucks and hire independent contractors to haul their goods. A major reason is to limit the liability the company might face in the event of a wreck.

But the federal government cracked down on those companies who hire independent truckers. Companies are now required to state in their lease agreements that:

  • They have exclusive control, use and possession of the equipment during the leased period

  • They assume all responsibility for the equipment’s operation during the period that it’s leased

As a result of courts’ interpretations of the above regulations, leased trucks have to display their carrier’s logo when they are under contract with that company. This provides a “presumption of employee status” regarding the carrier’s liability.

Jurisdictional differences aside, most courts will recognize logo liability as having the presumption of employer-based liability. This opens the door to higher settlements and damage awards for injury victims, as large companies will typically carry more insurance than individual drivers hired as independent contractors.

If you were injured in a collision with a semitruck, your Macon personal injury attorney will need to determine:

  • If the driver was leased

  • Company names and contact info for the leased vehicle(s)

  • Which logos were displayed on the vehicle at the time of the accident

Logo liability can greatly increase the amount of any recovery you are able to obtain following your accident with injuries. Learn as much as you can about the at-fault driver to obtain full compensation under the law.