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Holding Negligent Property Owners Accountable

Premises liability cases involve more than slip-, trip-and-fall accidents or dog bite injuries. A faulty building structure could lead to accidents with serious consequences. Old wooden deck and porch collapses lead to individuals falling. The negligent discharge of a firearm at someone’s home could leave someone harmed. Unruly behavior at a place of business that leads to an altercation could also be grounds for a premises liability case. In any of these circumstances, the property owner could be held liable for what occurred.

Skilled Legal Representation Helping Injured Victims

Landowners and business owners have obligations under Georgia law and a variety of municipal codes to keep their premises safe for guests. Too often, these property owners fail to repair railings or other items that people invited upon the property may use. As guests are often unaware that a danger exists, the injuries that occur can often be quite severe.

George O. Haskell is an experienced premises liability lawyer who understands how these accidents occur. He can inspect the property and look for code violations that may have led to injuries.

Macon Attorney Challenging The Insurance Companies

It’s a mistake to assume that there can be no recovery due to a denial of an insurance claim. Insurance companies can be challenged on these denials. As an attorney who understands insurance-related issues, George Haskell can analyze sources of recovery within existing homeowner and business policies. He will also review every policy that pertains to the premises in the event possible coverage has been overlooked.

If you have been injured on another’s property, George Haskell can investigate to discover whether a cause of action exists. Known for pursuing every recovery option, he will fight for you to hold all negligent parties accountable.

Reaching The Law Office Of George O. Haskell, IV

To discuss your premises liability claim with George O. Haskell, contact his office at 478-845-1774. His office will not charge you any fee unless you recover compensation for your injuries.